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last night

last night federica and I went to this place where a photographer was going to show some of his projects.
as we stepped into the space I noticed this guy. he was really cute and attractive. I didn't say anything of course, I didn't want to look as a guy hunter! but I have to admit it's not easy to meet goodlooking guys in london who are also interesting and smart, as I supposed this guy was. it was a photography space not a pub so the possibilities of him to be interesting and smart were a lot, according to me.
as the lecture starts he turns to be the photographer! I couldn't believe it. i was already in love. good looking, attractive and photographer. and smart.
I had to say something to my friend: "oh, I was just thinking how handsome this guy is.." she immediatley says: "he is married. he's wearing a wedding ring" I look at the hand but I don't say anything. however, I think, artists often wear rings. it's just a ring.
he starts introducing his project and says: this is Russia where I travelled with my wife, who speaks russian". I smile and turn toward federica who is smiling too but doesn't turn around to avoid bursting into laugh.
it's tragedy turning into comedy. 
second project: "here I was with my son".
ok. universe, please stop teasing me. i hate you.

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